In our rapidly changing world there's still something timeless, something that has been there from the beginning of time and will last for centuries. Client, who is used to demand guarantee for all the things bought, has to agree that the product made of granite has no guarantee. The guarantee of granite is timeless - I can tell you that it's for hundred or two hundred or thousand years - but one is for sure, unless you'll break it yourself, it will stay for eternity.

On the website you can see my handwork made of stone (mainly granite and iron) and discover how differently it's possible to make things.

I offer you a possibility to decorate your home differently by using planes of granite: for windowsills, kitchen working surfaces, (garden) tables, stairs, floors etc. You can also order fireplaces made of granite to your home, sauna or summer cottage.

Occasionally it comes to mind to have something different, something special. Now you can have a look at the gallery and see my sculptures. You can find lot of different gifts, awards, souvenirs, statues, home signboards, etc. You can also come and tell me about your idea and I'll carve it on a stone.

Stonemasons have always been making gravestones. Here you can see some samples of my work. All my works are handwork - I am not using any modern working tools like pneumatic hammers, sanding machines or sand sprays, etc.

If you have an idea or wish - contact me - I can carve everything on granite and it stays there forever!